Finanz AG Zürich – a specialized Swiss finance company

Finanz AG Zürich provides specialized financial services and advisory for both corporates as well as financial institutions.

The company focuses on a range of activities including debt arranging, structured trade & commodity finance, forfaiting, transferability & convertibility solutions, distressed debt, risk mitigation and advisory.

It can also provide assistance with relocation services to Switzerland.

Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Finanz AG Zürich operates through Agents on 3 different continents – Europe/CIS, Asia, and South America. As such, Finanz AG Zürich can provide the local experience and expertise in handling complex / cross border financial transactions and provide tailored solutions.

Finanz AG Zürich does not engage in any lending activities. Finanz AG Zürich vergibt und vermittelt keine Kredite, auch keine Kleinkredite.